temporary anesthetics
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"Anesthetics" was a very temporary comic strip that Don played with in the off-hours of writing and drawing "Rejected" in 1999-2000.
Many years later, the character of Bill slowly evolved into the "Everything will be OK" films, and "Wisdom Teeth" was also turned into a cartoon in 2010.

Some of these were good. Some of these were really awful. It is sort of like hunting through embarrassing junk at a yard sale.


  • i am a loud man with a very large hat
  • show biz
  • bill goes shopping
  • eye spots
  • bobby neurotic buys lip balm
  • bill does his laundry
  • more show biz
  • wisdom teeth
  • bill takes a walk
  • bobby neurotic eats a sandwich
  • bill buys a book
    (also circa 1999-2000)

  • bill and the manatee
  • it's election time again
  • bill goes out
  • captain galactic & the thing with things
  • bill and the monolith
  • today i am not an ordinary bean
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