what's that in your hair? they would ask, never expecting a response. he blocked them out, watching a rather large beetle slowly amble along the sidewalk. it only had five legs and one antennae and didn't look like it had much energy left in it. it reminded him of the creepy shrimp-pets who used to live in that smelly water in his kitchen that sort of looked likeswimming cockroaches only with tails. as usual, he spent the rest of the day staring at his teeth in every mirror he came across, convinced that his gums were receding for some reason. he didn't know why, but his teeth just looked longer. his mouth in general felt sort of weird to his tongue lately, which knew every corner of the place quite well. the box people got mad at him and chased him off the premises when he played with their bubble wrap but he was sort of COMPULSIVE that way. he spent that evening explaining to his neighbor what a great idea cryogenics was, how they can remove your head and freeze it when you die and how in the future they will employ nanotechnology to send miniature robots in to repair any molecular damage to your frost-bitten brain. he could tell his neighbor was not interested and barely listening to what he had to say which made him on EDGE again because what he had to say was IMPORTANT.