They live in your house; the bed, your pillow, in dust balls and virtually all around.

handy child care tips from the happy flower!

  • Remove sharp objects and obstacles in a child's room.
  • Place protective gates on stairways.
  • Lock doors and windows securely with special locks high above the child's reach
  • Keep clutter off floors to prevent tripping
  • Tie the child down with a secure rope or chain.
  • Move tables, chairs, and other furniture out of the path of the child
  • Immediately remove anything from the child's hands that he may have picked up.
  • Close off dangerous areas like the laundry room or back yard.
  • Keep the child indoors, wrapped in blankets and pillows.
  • Attach a bell to the child's bedroom door that will ring when the door is opened, alerting parents that their child is up and about.
  • Attach a bell to the child.
  • Never let the child sleep on a top bunk bed.
  • Lock away any firearms.
  • take care, now!