how are you feeling?

the information received through this poll will not be released to any third parties for the purpose of selling you out with military precision we are very responsible and trustworthy please submit your credit card information as well as a traced outline of your house key and an estimated annual income thank you for your business and please buy our magazines they are very very good and full of lovely product

we are experiencing mild hallucinations
don't get it (F)
necessary evils (D)
(I)my tv has a vagina for animalsex
(ESPECIALLY)mighty fine
love is all around me
keep a minimum distance, drowning (E)
baaaa sheep sheep baaa


unloveable (O)
stares at thecarpets with tearsin myeyes
no sudden movements
everything that is different from me is bad
all for the good of the colony
the saddest part, she had no idea
not much else to do but fill out polls (Rr)
will you still respect me
extra meaty chunk-style
yeah right
i read all the magazines (L)
impress us
don't ask questions
i live in a giant bucket(tm)(r)(c)
i am filthy with secrets