box office analyists expressed surprise over the disappointingly low opening weekend performance of the new summer franchise, blastybots, grossing only 8 million dollars. many industry analyists are citing the failure of the marketing department to attract their targeted teen demographic, while others are speculating that the studio’s projected opening gross of 76 million was set unfairly high. the director is defending the film’s low opening performance as "respectable", but questions whether the film was perhaps released during the wrong weekend. the producers of the film have been quoted as arguing that not enough money was spent on print and television ads, as research indicates that such media saturation is generally very persuasive in selling tickets to the youth markets. still others speculate that the film is an utter fucking piece of worthless shit that nobody in their right mind would pay good money to go see.
many in the industry are wagering that this weekend's release of the heavily anticipated summer tent-pole attraction, captain poo hat (the remake of the television show), will give the market a much-needed shot in the arm following a long string of high-profile studio products completely tanking at the box office. after blizzards of promotional campaigns, very few audiences have been showing up as expected for this summer's assortment of products, featuring the very latest in sensory-assaulting technologies. blastybots, the remake of last year's successful blasting-borts, had extra explosions digitally added to the backgrounds of most of its scenes following studio test screenings, yet still performed poorly at the box office. "i don't understand it. our movies have the most visual effects in them and we are using only the most expensive computers available to generate them on. i double-checked. they are top of the line. we are spending as much money as we can. people must just not like movies anymore," sniffed one studio executive.