our special friend,
roberto the poet

NASA engineers are baffled as thier satilite spins out of control in space.
A crew of six spider monkeeys desperatly try to open the solar pannels. The frozen wasteland may kill them.
sqeak, toto, lumpy, snowflake, ki ki, and jerold all work very hard.
snowflake cries a lot.
ki ki is just happy to be part of the team

the lady in the cubicle told me a storry today
She was telling me about some ffamous movie star
who had a conjoined twin in his body that was dormant
and he didnt know about it.
it was the size of a tennis ball.
when he reached his twenties the twin began to develop. It started growing in his body and eventually killed him. with a knife.
well maybe not with a knife but he died

at a cirrcus in mexico last week
an elephant named maggie pickd up her trainer durring a show
impaled him on her tusks then crushed his scull with her feet. they shot maggie nine times.
the guy is dead
but they think maggie will be retrning to the ring by the end of the year.

cubicle raddio said they just found some sports
football guy passed out in his house after taking 250
asprin. when they revivved him he told thm he was a frontier patriot. he was
wearing green pants on his head

december is a pretty month.
does the park dress up for christmas?
thereticly the hulk should be unstopable because the
more you make him mad the stronger he gets

where is bunny?
i want bunny.