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based on 12 quantifiable societal factors, the United States government had calculated the value of an individual human life to be $200, 725. it's more cost-effective to allow 360 deaths or injuries than to make the car safe.* It recently was revealed that President Reagan strongly believed throughout his administration that the United States was on the verge of fighting a nuclear battle with the Soviet Union. He further believed that in accordance with biblical prophecy, the "Evil Empire" would invade Israel, that America and the Soviets would nuke it out at Armageddon, and that Jesus would then descend from heaven. So while Soviet Premier Gorbachev was talking about trying to save the world from nuclear holocaust by eliminating these weapons, Reagan thought they were a good thing and necessary to fulfill prophecy and bring about Christ's return.***
use as directed for convincing needsonly. is not authorized for serious
purposes. do not use on wild animals. they can smell fear. unlike humans, they will not be as stupidly convinced. do not use while holding small children. they can feel your heart race as your fearlessly lie to them and will mostly likely cry ragefully in public places, embarrassing you. use for sublime entertainment purposes only, on really redundant individuals or those who are verifying your fake response by tactics similar. LIARSMILE grieve laugh HIDEnthusiasticalisEntrapmenT.**

* vankin, jonathan the big book of scandal
** thank you ame
*** stephens, john richard weird history101